Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature Notes

Robin Card inside:
Forecast Weather
If the robin sang on top of the bush, the weather would be warm; if it sang from within the branches, then rain was on the way.
When the red red robin...
Rockin' Robin
Robin's Egg Blue
Red Robin
cheerily   cheeriup   cheerio   cheeriup

Lavender card inside:
Directions for making lavender sachets

Bird on Package card inside:
The early bird gets the worm.
A bird's-eye view
A little bird told me.
That's for the birds.
He flew the coop.          A feather in your cap
Feather your nest.          Something to crow about
Eat like a bird.               Wise as an owl
Free as a bird                 Watch like a hawk
Out on a lark                  As the crow flies
Eagle eye                       Voice like a nightingale
Night owl                       Birds of a feather flock together.

1 comment:

Sarah O. said...

It's the kids' second day of summer vacation...and here I am surfing the net. I LOVE my Memory Box stamps, and thus have found my way here. I LOVE THE IDEA OF KEEPING AN ART JOURNAL! I think I may do this...sort of a scrapbook...sort of a peek into my life...the stuff I love or that speaks to me. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration! I'll put some of the cards I make in there too...so that someday, my daughter (or son) or grandkids-to-be can discover a piece of me! You have planted a seed in the mind of a Navy wife living in the south...THANK YOU!