Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25th

My son Andrew was here last week for a nice long visit.  He flew into New York City for a friend's wedding and wound his way to Maine by last Monday morning, was with me until Wednesday afternoon, and then came back again from Friday morning until mid-morning on Saturday before leaving for his cousin's wedding in NH.  Even though neither of us was feeling our best--me from chemo, Andrew from jet lag and lack of sleep--we had a great time together.  Having him around so much was the best birthday present ever!
I took this picture of Andrew down on the covered bridge with the double waterfall in the background.  Experiencing fall in New England after being away for over a year was a real treat for Andrew.

This is week two since my last treatment.  Kind of hit rock bottom this weekend with the blood counts.  I have appointments almost every day this week except for today.  MUST do the laundry today!  Tuesday I meet with my therapist, Wednesday it's cranial sacral work with Meg, Thursday is acupuncture, and Friday is blood work and a visit to the Lymphedema Center to be fitted for my compression sleeve.  I really need to spend some time this week on financial stuff, too.  Have some work to do for Gail's estate and some medical bills to sort out and pay next week.

I worked on a Halloween project yesterday:
Will pop this into the mail later today to send to Andrew.  He LOVES Halloween and goes all out decorating and has spent all month working up costume ideas.  We had great fun at Goodwill stores collecting the items he needs for a slightly demented and dark Mad Hatter.  I'll post pix when he sends the final look.

Got to tidy up my crafting area after the paper explosion yesterday and make a few thank you notes later today.

Feeling a bit more like myself today.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have met Andrew during his visit to Maine...what a sweetheart! I am glad you had some time together last week. Good luck with all of your appointments this week. Missing you. -KK

PS Made a printer's tray for a baby much fun!

Duke said...
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Andrew said...

That first one is my new favorite picture! Love you, Mom! Wish I could be around more! Thanks again for sharing your freakish costume skills and luck. I think it'll be a good one.

Robyn said...

Love the picture of you and Andrew, so fortunate to have you as a Mom! I am venturing out today to see if I can find a printers tray as once again you have inspired me. Thanks so much for being you! Miss you tons.

Alan said...

Love to you both...