Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charm Pins from Charm Swap

These are the three pins I made from the charms I received in the Charm Swap hosted by Roni at Ink Stains.

On the left:
B bottlecap charm with beads from Judith at Poppy Cottage
Bird nest charm from Jen Phillips at
Bottlecap OXOX with heart from Michensey
Winged Heart from Erika at
Bingo number from Roni at Ink Stains

In the center:
metal charms from Connie B
chain tassel from Roni at Ink Stains
Fairies Wanted from Pawprints Paper Crafts with Ginger
fuse and feather from Cher
child with crown from K Bryant

On the right:
Imagine charm with blue flower button from Kristy
Teal bottle charm from Mindy
Roses acrylic charm from Emma
Pen nib with black jewel from Roni at Ink Stains
a second Imagine charm with a zipper piece from Kristy

I LOVE these!  I will wear the pins a lot!  And from time to time I may remove a charm to wear on a chain or a ribbon.  What fun I had creating my charms for this swap.  I look forward to participating in another one.


Anonymous said...

These are amazing Anne! What a cool idea and each charm is so unique. I can't wait to see them in person when you wear them. -kk

Jennifer said...

Anne, I am so happy you liked the charm I created - Roni has such a great site - she is truly inspiring!

I love your pins and your blog is fantastic.

Jen Phillips

Alan said...

These are really cute, Anne... looks like fun!

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Hi Anne, I am so glad you liked my charm. Its nice to think it travelled so far. It was a great swap. I haven't got mine yet as they take a bit longer to the UK.

Enjoying wearing it

Emma x