Thursday, October 11, 2012

SPA DAY #4 Friday 10/12/12

Friday will be my fourth of six treatments.  I'm getting there!  Packing my crafting goodies this afternoon so I have projects to work on tomorrow.

Have really been feeling much better since switching to a bland diet.  And my white blood cell must be bouncing back because I have more energy this week.

Dad and I are heading out shortly to walk the property lines and make sure that the paths are cleared before winter.  This week he and I put up a new plastic-covered window frame over one of the sliding glass doors in the Woodshed and that should help with tightening things up for the winter.  I have to put the weather stripping around the new door onto the porch but that will be an easy 15 minute job--just peel and stick!  Someday soon I'll need to bring in most of the items on the porch for winter--a folding table, 2 benches, a stool, and the collection of paper wasp nests.  Already have the storm windows down and the kitchen window weatherstripping repaired and closed up.

I have a box of crafting supplies to donate to a local day care center and I'll drop that off this afternoon on my way to get the groceries.  Trying to get odds and ends done today before treatment because I know I won't feel like doing much until the middle of next week.

Tomorrow I get the results of the echocardiogram I had on Tuesday.  And I'll have a massage!  I really do look forward to my treatment days and seeing some of the "regulars" like Mary.

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