Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Crafting Weekend

I had a very busy crafting weekend.

On Saturday afternoon I worked at the Maine Art Glass Studio in Lisbon Falls with Jim Nutting to create a unique piece for a window that incorporates shells, stones, and glass pebbles. There were two others in the workshop and a lot of samples to look at for design ideas. Everything was very symmetrical and solid and I tend to not work that way. I began by selecting the things that appealed to me--a yellow striped scallop shell, a big brown stone, glass pebbles in golds and oranges and browns. I was only when I began soldering things together that the design developed. It ended up with lots of holes and one heart-shaped shell that I couldn't figure out how to put into the piece that I decided to tie on with ribbon. Now I can't wait to make a bunch of these for friends!

I also worked up the designs for the Flowers and Flourishes class I'll be teaching next month at Your Maine Stamper. I've included photos of the card fronts.

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