Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"A Temporary Port in the Storm"

I get this kind of medi-port device (or one very much like it) implanted into my chest today, near my
collarbone on my left side.  This is the way that I can receive my chemotherapy and other IV-administered drugs and I can also have blood drawn this way.  Believe me, this is going to be a lot easier in the long run than trying to find a vein each week.  When I was in for my surgery, it took at least four sticks before a vein was found that wouldn't collapse.  I expect to have this medi-port in for a year because I think my Herceptin is also delivered this way into my system.  This will be a fairly simple surgery under sedation much like that one gets when having a colonoscopy.  I will be at Mercy Hospital State Street in Portland from about noon to 3 PM.  My friend Donna is driving me down and back.  I expect I'll be a little groggy afterward.

I will be using this blog for awhile to post updates on my treatment plan and progress.

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Anonymous said...

looks like a fancy necklace. hmmmm. Good thoughts! cwl