Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hanging Around

I've been hanging up things around here.
I hung "curtains" in the window where my desk is:  vintage aprons, chemise, bloomers, petticoat.
I made a huge chart on a post-it note grid chart paper listing everything I have to do every day and hung that on the door that goes out to my porch.
I've charted all of my medications and all of my exercises on other check-off charts that I've stacked on a clipboard on the table next to my reading chair and across from the door chart.  There are charts for AM, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and PM.  The month of August is ready to go starting tomorrow.

Last week I hung my Tibetan prayer flags on my porch.  

Then I made my own prayer flags from muslin and ribbon and stamped on them with fabric inks.  I hung that inside above the porch door.

Tomorrow I plan to get more art work hung up or placed on easels on the fireplace mantel in the Work Room.  I have this new-to-me hand-colored photo by David Davidson to add to the collection:

Our screech owl is back, screeching every 15 to 60 seconds or so.  Last time he was here, he perched outside my window in the large maple tree and sounded off all night for days.  Hopefully he's just passing through.

Off to Portland again tomorrow morning to the Lymphedema Center.  Have to take Olive to see Dr. Penny in the afternoon for her annual vet check-up.

I'm loving these cooler mornings and evenings, nice breeze, all the windows open and good sleeping weather!

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