Friday, August 10, 2012

SPA DAY #1 0f 6

Since I was the only woman there receiving treatment today, I should probably use some kind of Spa Guy image.
When I got there at nine there were six men already receiving treatment, but my favorite chair was empty so I grabbed it.

Kind of a drizzly humid overcast day in Portland, but still a nice view of the river out the window next to my chair.
I took materials with me to make Thank You cards today.  Gerry, the guy across from me a ways, was very curious about what I was doing and I had him choose a half dozen cards to take home to send to people who have helped him out.
 When Donna and I went to the Cumberland Maine Craftsmen Show, I hoped to find something I could wear as a talisman during treatment.  I had in my mind that I'd find a pin or a bracelet.  Instead I found the perfect pendant!  The darker stone is a shard of rock from Two Lights and the other is a freshwater pearl.  The setting is hand-shaped sterling silver and it's on a 20" silver chain.  I LOVE it!  For those of you who know anything about Tarot cards, the first card I drew for information after my diagnosis was the Two of Swords.  This pendant reminds of that card and its message.  Two Lights is also a special place for me and for my son Andrew.  And I like that both salt water and fresh water are represented in this piece.
Treatment went pretty easily--two anti-nausea drugs, three chemo drugs; some saline and Heperin.  I was out by 1:15 and then headed over to the Lymphedema Center for a massage treatment.  Shopping after for the ever-elusive compression camisole.  Picked up more anti-nausea prescription drugs at Rite Aid in Gardiner, so I didn't get home until nearly 6 PM.  

One of our neighbors dropped off lots of cucumbers today so I had a cucumber sandwich for dinner.

Expect the nausea and fatigue to kick in by tomorrow morning.

7:25 PM Friday night

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Andrew said...

Love you, Mom! Love the pendant you found too! I will envision smooth sailing as far as after effects go!