Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunday, the last day of February

My son Andrew gave me a book a few years ago about cats who paint. This card from my friend Alan was for my birthday a few years ago. I always thought that I could probably teach Tinsel and Mr. Jones to paint, but I would have to set up a studio for them outdoors, fenced in, on the grass so they could scrub their feet off afterwards, with big plywood panels propping up canvases. I was actually serious about this, at least for a day or two. :-)

I stamped Sonoma Print on the tag and then wrote over it with a Micron pen. A bit of red ribbon brings out the flower color and ties the tag to colors in the cat's painting.

I think Max's paintings sell for hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Hmmm...maybe I could get a kitten and teach it to paint and supplement my retirement fund with cat paintings!

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