Saturday, April 12, 2014

PaperCrafter's Corner Magazine Monday Challenge #47

Here's the inspiration piece for the Magazine Monday Challenge Week #47:

I immediately thought of RED"S EATS, one of the most famous and written about "restaurants"/lobster shacks in Maine.  Located in the picturesque village of Wiscasset, people drive from miles around for Red's famous lobster roll.  Their fried clams, onion rings, and fried dough are also sought after by locals and tourists alike.

I made my collage on a white on black dot paper, 8 1/2 X 11.  I added photos and other images of Red's Eats as well as a lobsterman, a couple of lobsters, and Greetings from Maine.  I wrote on the tiny squares:  Maine's Most Famous Lobster Shack; fried clams; "worth driving from anywhere"; coleslaw; fried dough; onion rings; fries; since 1938 (Red's started in Boothbay then); moved ot Wiscasset 1954; and Debbie "Redette".

And here's what I created:

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Rebecca Daly said...

wow love this layout!!!! so many images and colours, so fun!!!!!