Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Post (finally!) November 16

Jamie Shaw and my son Andrew Clemons were here in Maine from California for the last week.

Some highlights of their visit with me:
brunch at Bintliff's Cafe, Portland
a trip through the old Wellington Road neighborhood
a visit to the log cabin in the woods, crossing the One-Mule Bridge
brunch at Slates, Hallowell
hauling Christmas trees out of the woods with my dad
Scrabble. crossword puzzles
pizza and Utz chips
"camping out" in my tiny living space
the visit and class at Your Maine Stamper
some of Andrew's cards

dinner at the A-1 Diner, Gardiner
Portland Head Light and Fort Williams Park
Two Lights and Kettle Cove
lunch at The Good Table, Cape Elizabeth
browsing the shops in the Old Port

This was Jamie's first visit to Maine.  Her list of things to do included eating apple crisp, blueberries, and lobster.  She and Andrew also spent a day at Acadia and a few days with Andrew's dad in the Bangor/Chemo Pond area.

I'm planning a trip out there (Santa Monica) in the early spring and hopefully they'll come back here for a visit in July.