Saturday, August 30, 2008

Honey, I Took the Fishing Boat

Joanne Hulsey read this at Gail's memorial service.

Honey, I Took the Fishing Boat

I took the boat out fishing,
And I didn't tell you that I went;

Then before I knew it,
All my fishing time was spent.

Some angels pulled me over and said that I must dock.
I wasn't even startled, so I must have been in shock.

They wouldn't let me make a phone call,
Just said they'd let you know.

Then they said, "Lay down the fishing poles."
And to heaven we did go.

They dressed me in a flowing robe.
I guess I'm in the choir.
I sing decent alto, but I can't go much higher.

Well. it looks like I'm here to stay, so you must follow aft.
Don't worry that I took the boat.

I did leave you the raft.

--Rosie McFadden

Please Let Me Dance

Joanne Hulsey read this at the memorial service.

Please Let Me Dance

Look at you there watching me;
Let me be asked if I might take this dance.
Please ask me to dance.

I've stolen this time to be here, you know,
I meant to be working and, yes, I'm wearing a dress.
Please let me dance.

You know that you want to,
You are just too shy to ask me.
Please let me dance.

You did not ask me so I asked you,
Can I take this dance?

We have danced.
Still I had to ask.

Yet, the last dance you came to me and asked
Will you dance with me?

--Kelly Berry