Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Woodshed Has Moved!

 Recently I rented a space in Hallowell from Lexi Joyall at The Rusticators Emporium, 151 Water Street.  This was a great decision for me to join an innovative young entrepreneur and a few select vendors in an antiques/vintage/and more enterprise in a town that once was Maine’s antiques capitol.  This great old building has brick walls and tin ceilings and once was home to Berdans Antiques and then Boynton’s Market.  It is next to Hallowell Clay Works, near Slate’s Bakery.

Because I made this decision I was asked to leave The Vault at Freckle Salvage Company along with other vendors who also had space there and also decided to rent space at The Rusticators Emporium.  This seems unusual in that many of the Vault vendors have retail spaces in other shops or sell their items in ways other than at The Vault.  I am happy to leave under these circumstances.  This weekend will be my last sale at The Vault and my vendor space there is quite empty.  I hope most everything there sells because then there will be less for me to move out.

I love my quirky space at The Rusticators Emporium!!!  I have divided it into three tiny areas and have had great fun arranging things.  There are my usual vintage goods along with a selection of my art collages and notecards.

Opening day is today!!! And I can’t wait to see how it goes. Please come visit us Wednesdays through Sundays,10-5.