Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inspiration from the NH QuiltShow August 13, 2015

great landscape; should make a quilt about Potter's Brook
close-up; she used a fine mesh over printed fabric
several people said this looked like something I'd do
so maybe I will...
detail from that quilt--embroidery over the quilting
"Flower Road in New York"--Fumiko Tanabe, Japan
I like the way there are two panels that extend down below the lower edge.
"The Land of Milk and Honey"--Hedva Meroz, Israel
wheat; pomegranate
detail from "Civil War Bride"--Ikuko Sakaguchi, United States
love the shape of this one with the leafy edge
"Calendula"--Klara Schafler-Landesberg, Israel
lots of geometric pieces again with sections that go outside the normal edge
"The Path We Walk"--Gail Solomon, Israel
"Happy as a Clam"--Rachaeldaisy, Australia
embellished denim circles
detail "Happy as a Clam"
detail "Happy as a Clam"
added this quilt to my Pinterest page
thought about making this using Mom's jeans and things on
the patches that represent her life
"The Lily Pond"--Bernadine Hine, Australia
love this...think it would be pretty in stained glass, too
feather stitched detail
"Pam's Peewee"--Beth Miller, Australia
"A Blog"--Irene MacWilliam, United Kingdom
She made a square a day and included a detail about each day.
rubber stamping, embroidery, sketching, applique
looks more like paper to me than cloth
waterfall/reminds me of Small's Falls, Madrid, Maine
detail--lots of seed beads, painting of the fabric
table runner in a booth made from quilted squares connected by a lattice
Sandi Hunt pointed this out to me or I would have missed it.
square detail
loved this poster of the metal/mixed media bird
good idea for Dad
detail of wolf
idea for my Red Riding Hood quilt
loved the narrow pieces and the stitched/embroidered lines off them above and below
another quilt with an odd edge
crazy quilt detail of a spider and web
vintage crazy quilt
she took a photograph of her house and
turned it into an architectural sketch
which she embroidered on a central panel
section from a modern crazy quilt
incorporating handkerchiefs
made to look like embroidered quilted blouse
open neck on panel
from the My Favorite Things inspired collection
"Honey Pi(e)" from the collection of Beatles Tributes Quilts
"Memories"--Niza Hoffman, Israel
the outer edge of the circle holds photos copied onto fabric
lots of buttons, beads, embroidery
her life story in a quilted piece
book is three dimensional
letters photocopied onto fabric, painted/dyed
reminds me of the paper collages from Lois Ehlert's
should revisit that book with an idea for making bird mini quilts
corner detail from a Christmas piece
could do this with die cut holly leaves and beads for berries
love that it spills over the corner of the frame
"Protectress"--Gillian Cooper, United Kingdom
idea:  how about a series of Goddess quilts?

50 SHADES OF GRAY, Gold Coast Guild, Boca Raton, FL
gray had to be the focal fabric

41 wall quilts each interpreting a spice used in cooking today and its country of origin

Beatles songs, each quilt 24"X24"
from book by Schiffer Publishing

MY FAVORITE THINGS, Cabin Branch Quilters and Stonehouse Quilters, Virginia

had to incorporate challenge fabric :Holiday Green" from Quilters Treasure


and a challenge for me and Donna from Maine Quilts:  create a bookshelf wallhanging/quilt of the books read in a year...