Friday, August 31, 2012

Water, water, everywhere...

I have GALLONS (well. 1.58 quart bottles, actually) of Fiji Water to drink this weekend.  Why Fiji Water?  It's what Andrew drinks.  And it comes from a beautiful place!  Though I think by the time I'm done, I'll know what it is to be water-boarded!
I took crafting supplies with me today.  This is what SIXTY bookmarks looks like for the Cancer Survivorship Day in September hosted by Mercy Oncology:
Scored a really great paper rack for Your Maine Stamper at ACMoore today.  Picture 30+ pockets like this on a wire frame that an hang on the wall of a door (using one of those over the door hook things):

So it sort of looks like this without the easel back:
and only $15.00!


Looking forward to a treatment today!  Massage!  And paper crafting-- I've got my bag packed with materials to make 60+ bookmarks for the cancer survivors day at Mercy in September.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rockin' a New Look!

Just back from Dom's Barber Shop in Hallowell where Patty shaved off all my hair.  Today was the day I could easily start pulling it out, so it had to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Flies...

I just looked at my last post and realized it has been a week since I wrote anything!  I am really still doing fine.  Anything I've had for side effects has been fleeting and minor.  I have continued to work with therapists at the Lymphedema Center three times a week and that is going really well.  I have much more use of my right arm, the lymphatic fluid seems to be draining well, and my scar is softening up.  I'm getting acupuncture every other week.  Blood work last Friday came back normal, and I'll have blood work again this Friday.  Still staying pretty close to home except for appointment days, though Donna and I did make a trip to JoAnn's in Brunswick on Sunday afternoon and I did go to the movies over the weekend to see "Safety Not Guaranteed" at Railroad Square.  I figure one activity a day is about enough as I still get tired easily.  And I'm still trying to avoid crowds of people, limiting my exposure to possible illnesses.  So far, so good!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm fine...really...

I'm hanging in there!  One treatment down and five more to go!  Things really haven't been too bad thus far.  The first couple of days I had to drink gallons of water, I was quite fatigued, and I took a lot of naps.  No real nausea, just an uncomfortable not like myself feeling.  I keep anticipating the worst but it really hasn't hit me yet, not that it won't, but I don't mind that it's not happening quickly.  Not much to report.  I sat outside for awhile this afternoon by the pond and read a magazine.  I did some sewing.  I've played lots of games of Pogo Scrabble on my computer.  I made three greeting cards today for an Outside the Box blog post at the end of the month.  I cooked dinner--baked ham, pineapple, corn, and kale.  I went to the corner store for a few groceries.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I go to Portland to the Lympehdema Center in the morning and to my acupuncturist in the afternoon.  Will take myself out to lunch somewhere in the Brunswick area most likely in between appointments.

Friday, August 10, 2012

SPA DAY #1 0f 6

Since I was the only woman there receiving treatment today, I should probably use some kind of Spa Guy image.
When I got there at nine there were six men already receiving treatment, but my favorite chair was empty so I grabbed it.

Kind of a drizzly humid overcast day in Portland, but still a nice view of the river out the window next to my chair.
I took materials with me to make Thank You cards today.  Gerry, the guy across from me a ways, was very curious about what I was doing and I had him choose a half dozen cards to take home to send to people who have helped him out.
 When Donna and I went to the Cumberland Maine Craftsmen Show, I hoped to find something I could wear as a talisman during treatment.  I had in my mind that I'd find a pin or a bracelet.  Instead I found the perfect pendant!  The darker stone is a shard of rock from Two Lights and the other is a freshwater pearl.  The setting is hand-shaped sterling silver and it's on a 20" silver chain.  I LOVE it!  For those of you who know anything about Tarot cards, the first card I drew for information after my diagnosis was the Two of Swords.  This pendant reminds of that card and its message.  Two Lights is also a special place for me and for my son Andrew.  And I like that both salt water and fresh water are represented in this piece.
Treatment went pretty easily--two anti-nausea drugs, three chemo drugs; some saline and Heperin.  I was out by 1:15 and then headed over to the Lymphedema Center for a massage treatment.  Shopping after for the ever-elusive compression camisole.  Picked up more anti-nausea prescription drugs at Rite Aid in Gardiner, so I didn't get home until nearly 6 PM.  

One of our neighbors dropped off lots of cucumbers today so I had a cucumber sandwich for dinner.

Expect the nausea and fatigue to kick in by tomorrow morning.

7:25 PM Friday night

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hanging Around

I've been hanging up things around here.
I hung "curtains" in the window where my desk is:  vintage aprons, chemise, bloomers, petticoat.
I made a huge chart on a post-it note grid chart paper listing everything I have to do every day and hung that on the door that goes out to my porch.
I've charted all of my medications and all of my exercises on other check-off charts that I've stacked on a clipboard on the table next to my reading chair and across from the door chart.  There are charts for AM, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and PM.  The month of August is ready to go starting tomorrow.

Last week I hung my Tibetan prayer flags on my porch.  

Then I made my own prayer flags from muslin and ribbon and stamped on them with fabric inks.  I hung that inside above the porch door.

Tomorrow I plan to get more art work hung up or placed on easels on the fireplace mantel in the Work Room.  I have this new-to-me hand-colored photo by David Davidson to add to the collection:

Our screech owl is back, screeching every 15 to 60 seconds or so.  Last time he was here, he perched outside my window in the large maple tree and sounded off all night for days.  Hopefully he's just passing through.

Off to Portland again tomorrow morning to the Lymphedema Center.  Have to take Olive to see Dr. Penny in the afternoon for her annual vet check-up.

I'm loving these cooler mornings and evenings, nice breeze, all the windows open and good sleeping weather!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Laying in Supplies

Went to Newcastle/Damariscotta area today with Donna and Jo.  Stopped at Alewives Fabric and bought some stuff for holiday projects--figure I can work on those while I'm in treatment and maybe this year I'll finish some of the projects I had intended for last Christmas.  Then went to my naturopathic doctor's office and picked up more of the supplements I need to start taking next week.  At Rising Tide whole foods market I bought all the Tazo bottled Ginger tea they had in stock and will order a case if it really does help with the nausea.  At Beth's farm stand in Warren, I bought crystallized ginger, homemade pickles, wild blueberries, kale, corn, an apple pie, and two loaves of cinnamon raisin bread.

We had a yummy lunch at Savory Maine in Damariscotta in the old Christian Science Reading Room.  Neat pew seating.  Menu features organic local produce and meats with lots of vegetarian choices on the menu.  Had a ginger cake with chocolate ganache frosting and a side of fresh whipped cream--delicious!

Looking forward to the weekend!