Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Victorian Glue Book in an Accordion Blank Book March 2012

front cover

back cover

inside front pages

covers and back pages
I created this glue book using images from Mary Green at Green Paper.  I signed up for her online class but have pretty much done my own thing with the images to begin.  She has lots of good ideas for collage and this will be a fun class to work through.  I think I may still go back into this book and add some distress inks to the torn edges of some of the images and may add some rubber stamped images, too.  Ribbon?  More pearls?  Gold Dresden embossed pieces?  Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Anne, this is lovely. Connie

Cheryl S. said...

Very nice! Can you just quickly explain to me what a "glue book" is and how it is used?

Anne said...

Cheryl, A glue book is any book that you just glue stuff into. It's a way to do collage in a specific place. In this case, I wanted one place for all of these vintage images, so I used the blank accordion book format. One could also use an old book as a glue book, adding elements to the pages. I use mine like scrapbooks of a sort, usually themed in some way. I've also done glue books to collect ephemera on trips or to document summer adventures. Anne