Friday, May 16, 2014

The Gift Bag Project

I finally finished the gift bags for Andrew and Jamie's wedding which is next weekend.  Hope to get them in the mail tomorrow so they'll be there before I am.

This is the second set of 37/38 bags.  I made the first set by recycling linen clothing but I didn't like the way the stamping looked on them--really needed to use fabric paint and I am running out of time.


I cut out all 72+ pieces at my quilting group on Tuesday and I sewed everything together today and then stamped on them and heat set the images with an iron to make them permanent.

Here's the stack all ready for the priority mail box--which I have to get at the post office tomorrow.

Here's a close-u[ of what I stamped on each bag.

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Connie said...

This looks wonderful. Not sure what happened to your original idea, but these are lovely. Connie