Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Renovation Tuesday/Wednesday, Val Bolduc Builder

sliding glass door to remove; sheetrock with black mold coming down too

This is what it looks like outside;
plastic and tarps over the sliding glass doors
to keep out the rain

Olive exiled to the porch--not a happy cat

plastic and tarps are gone; now the pet screening...

view from inside with the doors gone

a bit of a problem with the floor in front of the door...
the guys could almost stomp right through it

framing in the opening
a window going in on the right

took out the sheetrock and insulation
More ANTS!  Called the bug guy
who came out and sprayed everything while it was opened up

plywood going on the outside
Davyd, Sean, and Val hard at work

Tyvek for waterproofing

The window's in!

putting on the exterior cedar shingles

Wednesday morning--finished the outside

Repaired the hole in the floor, sheetrocked and mudded
Still to come:
  • another piece of sheetrock has to be put up in the corner behind the shower
  • flooring to put down--Dad actually found an extra box of tiles in a closet that match!
  • painting
  • moldings
They'll be in and out over the next couple of days but hope to have everything finished on Saturday!


Andrew said...

THAT is quite a project!

Anonymous said...

Great to have this project nearly done. Connie