Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Show and Tell at Tacoma Lakes Quilters meeting 2/18/15

These photos were taken at the meeting of Tacoma Lakes Quilters on 2/18/15 and show two of the projects I've finished this month.
This is the "Office Supplies" strip quilt that I think should go on my computer table.
After all,   there are vintage typewriters in the second fabric panel!
Here's what's on each strip:
typewriter keys
vintage typewriters
white paperclips on gray
notepads, pencils, clipboards
white paperclips on orange

This is the 6X60 quilt I made for the chapter challenge--
season:  fall;
restricted color palette:  white, black, brown
The leaf panels are my design and the animal/bird panels
are based on Charley Harper notecard designs.
Those panels are Squirrel, Two Owls, Bear in the Birches, Chipmunk with Seeds, and Eagle.
I appliqued each panel and then quilted them individually before sewing them together into the long strip.
The chipmunk panel is definitely my favorite one.

With another snowstorm coming tomorrow I have plans to work on the winter 6X60 quilt using blue, white, and gray as the colors of my fabrics.  My theme is birds in the snow with alternating panels of appliqued birds and snowflakes.  I purchased the rest of the fabric today that I needed for the summer panel--orange, red, and purple; but I haven't yet settled on an idea.  I already have the material (pink, green, brown) and a deer/moose design for the spring one.

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