Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C'est mardi le 19 (dix-neuf) janvier.

I thought I'd write today's post in French, but it took nearly 20 minutes with a Google translator at French 101 to come up with "Today is Tuesday, January 19." Four years of high school French have not prepared me to write lengthy explanations. :-) Why French? I found the postcard "L'Ange Gardien" in a basket on my desk and started from there. I chose the floral paper strips initially for their colors but then realized that the writing is in French. I looked up "ange" in my old French dictionary and tore out the page. I have a shoebox full of Paris/France items and in going through that box found the other images of the children and some stickers as well as the 3-D fleur de lis piece. The binoculars were a fun reminder to me about having to "look up" the English-French translations. Can you find today's date on this page?


Anonymous said...

No, can't find the date.....I had 2 years of French in h.s. and seem to only remember the word "avec" which I think means "with". Neat page. Connie

anne Thompson said...

I didn't realize how fuzzy the image would be when enlarged. The date is actually in the little circle, center at the bottom of the page. I circled dix-neuf from the French dictionary! Anne