Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday,January 13

Here's that green again that I love! The other image that really caught my attention is the Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey piece. I love how the frame is made from dominoes. I'm on the lookout now for the game from my childhood to frame it in a similar manner! Because that game only came out for birthday parties I added the celebratory broccoli cupcakes. I couldn't resist the three little kittens--this is another reminder of the three of us as little girls celebrating our birthdays with cake and candles, party games, and friends seated around the dining room table. The old paintbrushes were just fun--that's another item I seem to be collecting--there are brushes of all sorts in vases and coffee cups all over my studio room.


Anonymous said...

ok,broccoli cupcakes...that's the best! And...what don't you collect in your studio??? -Kellie

Anonymous said...

Kellie seems to have hit the nail on the head (what don't you collect?) With what I think is somewhat limited space in your studio room, this collecting must get waaay too much sometimes. But it sure does allow for great creativity. Connie