Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23

Introducing my son, Andrew Clemons. Several people lately have suggested I do a page in my journal forAndrew. And since so many of you have never seen him, I chose the full page, a recent photo, and a closeup of the central image for this post.. He recently moved to Los Angeles from New York City looking for a break into TV/movies. The journal page photo was taken at the premier of "Compulsions", the webTV series he was in this fall, and printed from his Facebook page. Be sure to look for him in commercials for Coke Zero and Bud Light--we think they may be SuperBowl commercials.


Anonymous said...

Just want to reach right out and give him a hug! Great Page! Hope he checks it as he'll be pleased. We're rooting for great success for your young man!


MulligansGold said...

Everyone was right! He is a handsome guy. Will be looking for him in the commercials! -K

Andrew said...

Aw, shucks, Mom. Glad you can find inspiration in my meager accomplishments. Your artistic ingenuity never ceases to impress me.
Thanks for the page! Love you!