Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, January 7

I've been following Kelly Kilmer's blog for a long time. She is a collage artist, working in a written prompt daily journal format. She usually chooses a magazine image to be her focal point on each page. In one of her posts she talked more about this. I decided to take a Martha Stewart LIVING magazine from last October and another from last spring to see what I could find. I started this page with the cerulean green paint and assorted items and placed it in the center of the page. Then I found the bird people! I couldn't resist the cat either! Something about the big cat watching the bird people caught my imagination. Once I started arranging images on the page, I realized that the circle was a primary form and that the yellow eye of the cat was also reflected in the owl mask and in the color of the bird people masks. The green in the forest also echoed the greens I started with. I added a few other punched circles and the captions to finish the page. When I look at the collages I create, they seem like happy accidents to me. This page was not planned. It evolved as I looked through the magazine and began selecting elements to add to the page.


Anonymous said...

The Seventh cat/bird page is terrific. Is the cat one of yours or is he a picture from a magazine as well? Love the bird people! Connie

MulligansGold said...

I just want to know what the cat is thinking as he gazes at the bird people...breakfast, lunch, dinner??? -K