Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treatment #2 Tomorrow, Friday the 24th

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I posted last.  This has been one very busy week.  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I went to the Lymphedema Center.  I'm doing so well with my therapy there and am doing a lot on my own at home so I do not have to return to them until my compression sleeve (see image at left in Plum) comes in.  I will need to wear a compression sleeve ( for any heavy exercise--raking leaves, shoveling snow, for example--or for long distance travel, particularly flying.  So for the next couple of weeks I will be working on exercises here at home.

Wednesday I met with Dr. Anne Jacobs in Newcastle.  She's a naturopathic physician, Chinese herbalist, and acupuncturist.  We spent almost 2 hours together talking about my cancer, diet, exercise, and supplements.  I came home with lots of bottles of medicines that I need to organize.  I think it's time to set up a medicine daily/weekly/monthly log.  Some of these I will be on just during chemo.  Some of them will change when I start radiation.  And some of them I will continue for the next five years.  All of them will help to support my immune system and the efficacy of the chemotherapy.  Many of them will also help to modulate the side effects from that chemotherapy.  I am now on an anti-inflammatory diet and drinking gallons of green tea (decaf).  I have a daily exercise goal in addition to the exercises I do from the Lymphedema Center.  And I start acupuncture next week.  Like I said once before, having cancer is a full-time job!

Tomorrow is another Spa Day at the Oncology Center in Portland.  I have started packing a bag--I think I'll take the book-making kit from Penny Bennington, a couple of new craft magazines, and a good book (I've got a new Claire Cook).  I've got orzo Greek salad, cantaloupe and raspberries, and broccoli and mushroom-stuffed chicken for my lunch as well as bottles of water and green tea.  Think I may stop at the health food store after treatment even though there is pumpkin squash soup here for dinner tomorrow evening.  I've got to be up early in the morning to do all of the exercises, take all the pills, and eat breakfast all before 8:30 when I'll hit the road.   Should be another good day!

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POULTNEY250 said...

Full time job indeed - you "retired" at just the right time. Hoping today at the Spa goes well...