Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Quiet Week Ahead

I'm voluntarily avoiding people this week until at least Wednesday while my blood count bottoms out and begins to return nearer to normal.  Not much planned for the week...cranial sacral work with Meg on late Wednesday afternoon and blood work in Portland on Friday.  I suppose I'll need to do the laundry by Thursday and pick up a few groceries then.

I've started all of my naturopathic supplements and am really feeling pretty good today.  If only things didn't taste so awful!  It's like things that should taste sweet are bitter or sour or everything is just plain foul-tasting.

I did walk for an hour today, up the road to the fire station, townhouse, and the fair parking lot and back down the road with a detour through the cemetery.  I did find a gate open to the fairgrounds and that would be a good place to walk once I build up some stamina and can do more than an hour.  Or I could park at the townhouse and walk the trails on the fairgrounds for an off-the-road adventure.  Think I might try that later this week.  I can always park at the church and walk the cemetery paths, too.

I have a major art project to tackle this week.  I have a printer's tray class on Monday the 11th and need to create the sample for class and prep the materials.  I'm hoping for a warm and sunny day when I can work at the big table on my porch, but I can always work at the round table near the heater inside.  :-)  Think it will be a Twelve Days of Christmas home decor project (although I do have a group of people just ga-ga over Halloween who may opt for something a little more ghoulish).

I've been reading a lot...nine books in August, six in September, and one already this month.  There's always a stack of books waiting for me!  And now that some of my favorite programs are back on TV, and I don't have a TV,  I've been watching them on my computer.

I guess I'd say I'm falling into a rhythm around the chemotherapy treatments, the other appointments I have, all the medications I take, the need for daily exercise and activity, doing some reading and making some art, and taking time to just be quiet, too.  Two treatments down and only four more to go!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have found a rhythm that is working for you. I am practicing with a Halloween tray this week (I bought THREE)! The twelve days of Christmas sounds like FUN! And a great gift too... Keep up the good work; you are amazing. -kk