Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week Three and All's Well!

Here I am at Week Three and looking forward to acupuncture on Thursday and a chemotherapy treatment on Friday!

I taught a class yesterday afternoon at Your Maine Stamper and it wore me out.  I'll have to think carefully about teaching classes as my treatments continue.  We worked with the 7 Gypsies Printers Trays to make twelve seasonal/Christmas/winter ATCs.  This is my sample:
Connie, Kellie, Donna, Jean, and Jeanne were in the class.  Each of the printers trays so was different!  What fun!

Today is a quiet day at home.  Think I'll work at cleaning out space for a cot...Andrew is coming home from California for a visit next week!


Anonymous said...

I finished my tray today...colored pencils, charms, buttons, stickers and water color crayons=fun, fun, fun followed by a small disaster to clean up. It was wonderful to see you yesterday; the class was terrific. Glad to hear Andrew is coming for a visit.

Robyn said...

I expect that Andrew might be with you by now...he's not missing much here....as it is raining they tell me this is very unusually weather! LOL