Friday, November 12, 2010

After Feelin' Not-so-groovy...

This has been a hard week since the last treatment.  Seven days of not feeling quite like myself, food tasting really bad, and tired but not sleeping well.  I think my acupuncture treatment yesterday, an afternoon nap, and a good night's sleep have finally helped me turn the corner.  I'm at least feeling better this morning, even though I'm sure my blood count numbers are plummeting.  I'm off to Portland later to get those numbers checked.  I hope they are good enough to let me out tomorrow to a couple of church fairs in Manchester and Winthrop--gotta love the places that have rooms of second-hand junk for sale!

Dad just drove the Chevy to the end of our road with a For Sale sign on it.  Know anyone who wants to purchase a 1987 Chevy Caprice with less than 80,000 miles on it?  It's in good shape, has been garaged, has new tires, and has hardly been driven the last five years (20 miles last year!).  Let's make a deal!  It's almost a collector's item!

Once that car goes, then we can try to move the Kharman Ghia out of the garage and find that a home.

Here's Olive sitting on the head of my raccoon sculpture on the porch, gazing wistfully at birds in the bushes or squirrels/chipmunks on the ground.  She loves this porch and so do I.
I'm hoping for warm weather this weekend so I can close up my porch for the winter.  Have some things out there to put in storage in one of the outbuildings.  Then I have to seal up the two sliding glass doors which means putting up a ladder, taking down some of the porch screening, and prying the doors into place before locking them.

Richard and his brother Chuck will close camp at Moosehead/Beaver Cove this weekend.  There's just no way I could do this and I have hardly been there at all this year.  Next year in the spring maybe I can get the rest of the work done needed to winterize the place, to finish what Gail had started.

Hoping for enough energy to do the laundry later today or tomorrow.  It's either that or I have to go shopping!  I'm out of almost everything!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Olive. She & "Mom" sure do love to watch the world go by in your beautiful yard.

Anonymous said...

Olive is gorgeous! I am so happy you have her. I bet she is a big help to you with your artistic endavors. Brian wants to talk cars with you. :-) -kk