Friday, November 5, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

I'm back from my chemo adventure. Good day. There were two women who took my cardmaking class today and there were three nurses who wondered if they'd be caught if they logged out during the day for an hour or so! They didn't join us but they kept checking in. Each of the women made ten cards! Of course we had four hours to work with! I gave several cards I made away to other patients who were just there for bloodwork only and couldn't stay. One woman was trying to figure out if she could take the next Friday off from work that I'll be there so she can come in just for the class! It was fun and made the time go by quickly.

I also had good luck at LLBeans on the way home. Had gift cards to spend and went a little bit over so I got another $10 gift card to use before February. And I picked up chicken lasagna at Claytons!

Hoping to go to a craft show and an art show tomorrow morning, both in Manchester. Then I'm having brunch with Lydia and Connie at Slates on Sunday morning!  Got to get in the fun stuff before the first of the week when my blood counts start to plummet!

Sometime tomorrow or the first of the week I ought to work in another stop at Dom's Barber Shop for the "bald man's special"--I have several bald spots but hair growing in other areas of my scalp...weird. I finally plucked out the last of my eyebrows yesterday. Maybe I'll practice drawing crazy eyebrows on now that I have a good eyebrow pencil!

I made twelve Christmas cards yesterday and I have ten tags all ready, too. Still have to make more thank you/gratitude cards for November and a couple of others for my parents to send out this next week. I guess I'm back into a crafting mood. I have some ideas for altered clothing, too, as soon as I figure out how to rewind bobbins on this sewing machine! I also want to make more ribbon and fabric flowers for pins or to sew onto my clothes.

Four treatments down and only two more to go!!! Woo-Hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing Anne!!! Your attitude is awesome and I love the way you are sharing your many gifts with patients and staff alike at the "spa." -kk

Robyn said...

It must feel good to have just 2 to go!

POULTNEY250 said...

CRAZY EYEBROWS?!? Oh, please do - I just love that idea...