Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Snowy Day!

Dad and I cleaned up snow this morning, lots of it!  I shoveled and he ran the snowblower.  It's very pretty but very cold and windy.  It was funny how so much of the snow had blown off leaving bare ground in places while there was a foot or more in other spots.  One can only hope that this will be our one and only big storm.  :-) How nice it was to have my car in the garage throughout the storm--the first time I've been able to garage a car for more than twenty years.

Tomorrow my friend Alan Nyiri visits from Vermont.  He is a professional photographer.  You should check out his work at http://www.alannyiri.com/.  Barns, covered bridges, Acadia, landscapes ...

Late in the afternoon tomorrow I take my car to the garage in Farmingdale for an inspection sticker, oil/filter change, and new tires.  I have a crafting bag packed so I'll have plenty to do while I wait.

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