Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two more weeks until my final chemo treatment!

So the blahs have kicked in this weekend and everything is starting to taste awful.  I guess the only thing I can do is to try to eat either really bland food or really spicy food that might wake up those taste buds of mine.  I'm down to doing one thing each day and taking it easy the rest of the time.  Saturday I did some grocery shopping.  Today I visited here with my sister Barb and her husband and I worked on my blog post for the Outside the Box blog (which goes up at 6 AM tomorrow).  Tomorrow has to be Laundry Day--I've been putting it off for two weeks now.  I've got acupuncture later this week and a visit to the Lymphedema Center in Portland as well as blood work.  (I'm hoping to combine those last two on the same day so I only have to go to Portland once this week.)   I'm hoping that the worst of the side effects will be over by next weekend so I'll have one good week before the final chemo dose.  We've pretty much decided as a family that we will celebrate Christmas after the new year when both Barb's husband and I should be recovered from our various medical ordeals.  Barb and I did exchange Advent Calendars today--she refilled the little boxes of the one I made for her last year and I placed an ornament a day for her in little white numbered bags.


Anonymous said...

You have been a trooper Anne...we love you! kk and the monday group

Andrew said...

The NYC trip sort of waylaid my plans to send last years advent calender back. I have it out even so since the tree and decorations went up yesterday!

1 to go! 1 to go!