Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Good News

Talked with Dr. Inhorn, my oncologist, this afternoon.  The good news is that this cancer is what I had before--ER negative HER-2 positive.  Most likely that means the cancer is only in my breast and has not spread elsewhere.

Meeting tomorrow with my surgery nurse to go over pre-during-and post surgical stuff.  Will meet with my therapist later in the day to go over relaxation techniques for surgery day.

Thursday I'm at Mercy Hospital State Street from 9 to 1 for a bone scan and a CAT scan.  Dr, Inhorn should call me with those results on Friday.

Friday I am scheduled for my annual physical with Sarah Robey, PA, at Wiscasset Family Medicine.

Twisted the wrong way today and have been icing my back and napping all afternoon/evening.  Certainly seems like the Universe has it in for me this week!

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