Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Soul Collage Cards

I started making Soul Collage Cards sometime last year.  I read about it online and took a class from Diane Warner, a certified instructor, in Brunswick.  After a couple of sessions with Diane, I took off on my own.  I ordered Seena Frost's book and supplies through Amazon.com.  Seena Frost developed this system for creating cards in four suits--Committee, Community, Companions, and Council.  My friend Alan and I were talking about this today because I was making a Community card to honor Polly DeRaps who died recently.  I'll post her card and a few others to give you an idea of what I'm making.  The images I use come from recycling magazines and greeting cards primarily.  I use 5X8 mat board and various adhesives and seal the finished card in a clear cellophane envelope.

Here is a sampling of the many cards I've made.

Polly's card


The Fool


Crow Magic

Friendship Quilt

Spa Days...This was the image I carried to my chemotherapy appointments, my spa days,
 as a way to bring my friends with me.

Weathering the Storm
 These next cards are ones I've made this month:

Winter Moon

Not all of the cards have titles yet or have been sorted into one of the four suits.  I keep library cards tucked in the back of the envelopes with a title, the date or approximate date I created the card, and any observations I want to make about the card.  It is interesting to pull them out from time to time and reflect upon the images.  Often I'll pull a card for the day or the week as a focus image for journaling.  There are so many different ways that I can work with the cards I make.  Plus it's a great way to use the enormous clippings collection I've amassed!

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