Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11

Underneath all of this is a large blue dollhouse with the rooms labeled.  As I began to pull pictures from magazines and compose the page by layering things over the dollhouse, I spent a lot of time thinking about one's inner life...I love the phrases I chose:  REINVENTING AWARENESS; RADIATING FROM WITHIN; interior monologues; SECRETS; dream; problem solver; Out of the ordinary, into your life; confessions; compromise.  Inner Circle  It's like all of these speak to that inner life that we each have, the inner house where these things live.  Books, travel, art, spirituality--there are representational images for these on this page, each contributing to the development of one's inner life, too.  The chair reminds me that I have to take time to be still, time to be in the moment, time to just BE.  I had to laugh when I found the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON sign--this was on the tile necklace that Connie was wearing at work the other day.  It's an important message for all of us, every day.   Because I have an inner life, because I take time to be still, I can keep calm and carry on, no matter what comes my way.  

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Anonymous said...

The Keep Calm & Carry On item on your blog page seems to be identical in font & style as my it. Like this page and its thoughts a great deal. Connie