Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28

Flower Frogs...couldn't resist playing with the words by adding some flower-bedecked green frogs to the page once I had "finished" it.  They add just the right touch!  I've always been fascinated with flower frogs and have a few.  My favorite one is a glass footed oval one that works beautifully in a shallow pottery bowl.  There's a blog I often look at where the writer always showcases her card stuck in a flower frog--one of those metal spiny round ones.  I think that is a cool idea, to repurpose the flower frog as a way to showcase something other than a flower.  I love the metal one that is shaped like a dog and if I've seen the wire ones anywhere I did not recognize them as flower frogs.  These are items I will continue to look for to add to my collection.  I think I need to find one like the metal cupcake swirl in the upper left corner.  Better yet, maybe I can make my own from some wire and a regular large round metal spiny flower frog as the base!

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