Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4

I LOVE working in my March journal. Today's page is about collections, my collections. Mason Jars in shades of blue, including one of my grandmother's jars. Shaving brushes and moustache cups, including one of my grandfather's. Toys from my childhood. Whisk brooms and dustpans; other assorted brushes. Aprons, white ones that I use for curtains in my studio and bright ones for the kitchen. Tins and tins and more tins of buttons. Baby shoes, christening gowns, little jackets. Fabric pieces from my sister's quilting stash. Vintage rhinestone jewelry, both mine and Gail's. Barn signs. All of these images came from a FLEA MARKET STYLE magazine. It is always surprising to me how my pages come together when I just start pulling pictures from magazines and gluing them down. Every picture somehow tells more of my own story.

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