Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14

Decorating ideas from a couple of different magazines using some of my favorite--and collected already--objects.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the clock faces just piled up in a bowl.  The other thing that would be fun is to hang them in a garland over a window or in a column to frame a door.  Hanging a small pack basket on the wall for rolling pins is a cool kitchen idea.  I still have my grandmothers' rolling pins and a special one for making cracker crumbs that's all ridges.  Love the DUCK EGGS sign--I have signs all over my place that include names of some of the animals we had here in wildlife rehabilitation days, CAMP TACOMA on a giant arrow, ANTIQUES, and GUINEA PIG (a sign I found beside the road in a ditch in Thorndike).  I also love the idea of using drawer pulls to hang things on the wall.  Dad made a really cool potholder hanger for the kitchen from an old copper door knob, plate, and skeleton key--very cool.  The fan just echoes the roundness of all the clock faces.  As much as I love old fans, I have not yet started collecting them.  And this is not an invitation for anyone to send me theirs!

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Anonymous said...

This is a very cool post....I promise not to send any fans. I remember you are trying to DE-clutter, not add to your collections. CWL