Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2

Mellow Yellow--the perfect page for what looks like a sunny day! Yellow is my mom's favorite color. All of her favorite things are some shade of yellow--her car, the house, the upholstery in the livingroom, most of the wall colors and draperies, bed linens and towels, etc. I love all the shades of yellow in this collection. Pears, lemon slices, lemon-iced and rind-topped cupcakes that look good enough to eat...the Popsicle advertising piece...calla lilies...a yellow vintagey kitchen...all those buckets of paint. I especially love the LIFE JACKETS sign--I think Dad should make up one of these to put down by the pumphouse where we dock the canoes. Dad is a sign-maker; there are signs all over the place: marking the trails in the woods; labeling buildings; naming the roads; signage for crossings of deer, ducks, chipmunks, squirrels; parking signs for the John Deere; name signs left from wildlife rehabilitation days cover doors on the barn, the fawn names are in my kitchen (the former fawn pen). I think you get the idea. One of my favorites is on the old maple tree: BEWARE FALLING LIMBS. When it's really icy, out comes the AND HOW THE BONES DO BREAK sign. Hopefully those days are past us!!!

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Anonymous said...

I, too, love yellow. It is such a happy, hopeful color! The way you captured the many different shades of yellow on the page, as well as noting yellow as your mom's favorite color is special on a day we finally get to see the sun! -KK