Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

I love the patina that older objects acquire, that bit of tarnish or rust, the worn finish from use. Silverware, an old clock in a chipped paint case, a scale, a lantern, a fan, a silver tray with white candles and a single blue hydrangea blossom...the ball of twine in the milk glass dish, its roundness echoing the clock and scale dials, the pendulum. I added the directions for making linen name tags so I wouldn't lose them, a neat idea for a special occasion. The other idea on this page that I'm going to use is to put old papers in a clock case behind the pendulum. I bought a gingerbread mantel clock case at an auction recently and a box of clock parts at another auction. I think I can make an interesting "sculpture" using old paper and the clock parts inside and outside the clock case.

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