Sunday, January 6, 2008

Getting Started--My First Blog Entry

Here first blog entry. 2008 promises to be a very creative year for me and hopefully for my readers as well. My goal with this blog is to inspire others to release their artists within. I hope to post photos of some of my work with directions/suggestions as starting places for creating unique projects. I know it's only the 6th of January, but I've accomplished so much already this year! On New Year's Day I cut up an old LLBean wool sweater and made a great big slouchy bag with outside pockets (appliqued a flower, antique button as the center) and a matching pair of mittens. The 2nd was a snow day (no school) and I made rabbit dancing in the snow cards and mailed off a half dozen of them. On the third I met with a group of twelve to create keepsake boxes to focus on key words and intentions for the new year. (I'll post phots and those directions later this week.) On the fourth I found a great sale on scrapbooking supplies at the Gardiner Reny's and filled a shopping basket with goodies. On the 5th I took Robyn's class at Your Maine Stamper in Winthrop and had a great time creating and embellishing five cards using Hero Arts 2008 new stamps. Later that evening I created a book for my friend Connie who sent me 20 small squares of colored paper with the challenge to do something interesting with them. The little four-page book is called "C D B!" and that page is illustrated with a stamped bee and beehive. The other pages also are stories in letter code (each letter on one of the little squares) with stamped images to help one decode the sentences. What fun I had with that! (Thanks to William Stieg's CDB for inspiration.) Today I've been investigating blogging and here it is...

I chose the title Notes from the Woodshed for a couple of reasons. First, I live in an apartment in what was once the woodshed attached to my family home while I help to care for aging parents. Secondly, there's a jazz/music reference here--that beginner players were often sent to the woodshed to practice is one take on the phrase. I also chose the word "notes" because I am a writer (National Writing Project Fellow 2002) and the primary tool I will use in this blog is writing notes about what I'm dreaming up and creating.

Tomorrow I'm going to figure out how to attach photographs to this blog so I can illustrate more clearly the things I write about.


Unknown said...

Go Anne, Go Anne.....I am so excited about your blog .....your in my favs right next to The Pioneer Woman and Tim! Thanks for sharing with us all!

Anonymous said...

Anne, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creativity.

Connie L said...

Anne, Love your blog and am trying to figure out how to leave messages. Let's see if this one works. Connie L

Vicki said...

Nice blog - we chose the same background. Very sorry to read about your sister - she sounded like an amazing women.
It was nice to see you again - what an inspiring conference but what a long journey ahead for my district. We've got the beginnings but have many more things to implement. Change is always a hard sell but patients is a virtue and being a bit stubborn and hardhead helps once in a while.
Check out my blog at - don't forget to ship me an email so we can form a PLC - he he - actually I am trying to expand my professional contacts.