Sunday, January 13, 2008


One evening this week I watched an online video on cutting glass for making jewelry and got all excited about the possiblities of using colored glass in my work. The next day my friend Jeanne called to ask if I would like some glass. Someone she knew had cleaned out a closet and Jeanne had two boxes of colored glass that needed a good home. Talk about synchronicity! I drove down on Saturday afternoon to get it. The colors and textures of the glass pieces are amazing. Soooo beautiful. The tools that I need as a beginning glass cutter were also in the bottom of the box. Now I just need to set up a space for this that is separate from my living quarters--think it's time to clean off the 8-foot store counter in the other room as that would be a really good place to work. There's so much glass--everything from a quartsize container of tiny glass pieces for mosaics to sheets that are nearly 8"X10" and all sizes in between.

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Unknown said...

How excellent....and a snow day today for you to play! Have loads of fun!