Tuesday, January 29, 2008

water and Memories Mist

Tonight's experiment involved water, Memories Mist, and a package of time cards. I found the time cards at Marden's--250 for $10, they're larger than the biggest tags I have, and are manila tag weight and plain on the back so they work like tags. I had watched a video on Craft TV Weekly that showed how to do this...I spritzed water on a tag (placed on a craft sheet), gently carried the tag flat to a small cardboard box (balanced precariously on top of the full laundry basket--what's more important, creating art or putting the laundry away?!) and sprayed it with Memories Mist. The water acted as a resist and left manila spots where the water had been and the rest of the card absorbed the inky spray. Then I spritzed some stamps and water-stamped images on the tags, put them in the box, and Memories Mist-ed away...the images almost look bleached on the tags. Next I put stencils on top of the tags and spritzed those, gently removed the stencil, and sprayed with the Mist--more soft images. In all I used four stencils and two stamps, a tiny bit of water and Mist and I have a dozen tags ready to use on cards or whatever...FUN! If you don't want to wait for the images to dry on their own, use a heat gun like I did and watch the magic happen more quickly. This was a lot more fun for me than bleach or the Castaway pad, was less messy (as long as you don't count the green clogged mist bottle that sort of leaked all over my right hand), and involved very little cleanup--one paper towel.

If you haven't seen Craft TV on TV, you can watch episodes on your computer like I do (because, believe it or not, I do not have a TV)...all kinds of great ideas in 15 minutes or less, each episode focused on a particular technique and/or product. The shows are archived so you can go back a few years and learn some neat stuff. Just Google Craft TV Weekly!

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I can't wait to see these Anne!