Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, February Fifth

I often buy cards that have images that speak to me, often with photographs or paintings by Mainers. My parents did wildlife rehabilitation for years and years--in fact, I live in the renovated woodshed that once housed flying squirrels, a beaver, numerous small mammals, and my kitchen was the deer pen for the fawns. Deer were my mother's specialty. (Dad loved the birds--hawks, owls, ducks, turkey vultures...) Every spring for over twenty years my mother bottle fed a fawn or two or three and we watched them grow. We even had two deer that lived their entire lives in our barn--Sue, because she only had three legs; and Betsy, because her legs were broken when hit by a car. Several times they crated deer in the fall and moved them to the preserve on Swan Island. Sometimes they would simply open the barn doors and release the deer into our own woods.

On this page, the stripey paper anchors the central painted image of the deer in the woods. I added a tag stamped with Tree Frame and a bit of green/brown plaid paper all tied up with twine. I added the saying that was inside the card on top of the tag and overlapped it onto the image a bit. This looks like winter in my woods. In fact, I often see deer across the pond in the woods, we find their tracks in the field, and recently my parents watched a big buck walk across our lawn one afternoon to browse around the apple tree. I live in a magical place and this page captures some of that magic for me.


Anonymous said...

Long before, I knew Anne, I met Anne's parents (30 years ago) when they helped us with an injured wild rabbit and a homeless baby squirrel. My mother and I spent an amazing afternoon meeting all of the animals being rehabed at "Jean's Jungle" and learning all about the work of these amazing people! I, too, live in a magical place and the deer page really spoke to me as we have deer grazing with our horses, fawns frolicking with our kittens and deer sharing apples with our Golden Retrievers. -KK

Anonymous said...

Anne: A special page which was a delight to view. Read your blog to Phil so he too could appreciate your life - past & present. Think many of us feel we live in Magical places -- being snowbound periodically notwithstanding. Connie