Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11

Acorns, oak leaves, and squirrels. I LOVE them! I collect squirrel figurines. I hoard acorns--a leather acorn change purse; a wooden acorn hand-turned on a lathe that hangs above my table; an amber glass acorn ornament on a ceiling hook in my closet; a giant resin acorn on my desk--they are everywhere. I have boxes of rubber stamps that are just acorns, oak leaves, and squirrels. When I started this page, I began with the strips of paper, the punched squares, and the circles of leaf-embossed papers which I inked up to show the leaves more. I added the "totally nuts for you" squirrel, acorn circles, and then stamped and tore out the larger oak leaves. I wanted a bit more green on the page so I added the stamped leafy image. I went through my box of alphabets to find the letters to spell out oaks and acorns. The last thing I added was a cut out from a card of a squirrel inside an acorn. This was a really fun page to create!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize your passion for acorns; they are pretty cool. This page is just TOOOOOOOOOO much fun! -Kellie