Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday,January 6

Today's page came from items in my cooking/food/recipe odds & ends box. I actually began by sticking the utensils onto the 6 card. Then I tore the vegetables from pieces of scrapbook paper and layered them. I was thinking healthy lunch at that point, but then I found the lovely lady with the cake! I pulled in some strips of green papers to pick up the color of the lettuce, and placed her on top. I added a grocery list for sandwich items, some punched circles and tiny squares, clock hands, and an invitation to lunch. A few other stickers and some flat black dots completed the page. Lunch today with Connie--and dinner out later with Donna! Nothing better than "reservations" for meal prep!!!

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MulligansGold said...

Anne, do you sleep? You are a creative genius! How about a collage card class??? -Kellie