Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 18

I LOVE work horses. When I was at the laundramat last week I found the central images in an equestrian magazine someone left on the counter. There is a man who lives near us who has a team that he works regularly in the woods or they do afternoon walks (the horses pulling the man on a sled) on Small Road. The photos I've taken of those horses are in one of the envelopes. I'm not sure what will go in the other--Oh, I just got it--Tom and Jerry, the names of two work horses and the story of the man who owned them and how I met him. I added a few stickers and Dahlov Ipcar's horses cut out from a postcard for the bottom left corner of the page. I'm really pleased with the way this page came together.


MulligansGold said...

There is NOTHING more amazing than the beauty of a horse. In a few weeks I celebrate my 21st anniversary with my quarter horse, Swifty. Today he is meandering through the fresh snow. Maybe we need to attach a plow???

Anonymous said...

Your pages just get better and better. When I think you can't top the previous one....YOU DO! Will be interested in hearing how you met the lucky man who goes for sleigh rides with Tom & Jerry. Connie