Thursday, April 8, 2010

The April Journal

I'm back to working in a smaller journal again.  On the cover I combined a clock sticker with chipboard butterflies on top of the packaging from the other two dimensional stickers I chose.  I decided that the page format for this month would consist of a central image and a list.  This will be a Book of Lists about things I am interested in.  I'm not sure yet whether I will do a page for every day like I've done in my more recent journals.  It's already the 8th of April and I've only got one page!

My favorite food is BREAD.  I really do believe that I could live on bread alone!


Anonymous said...

I think I will go make some toast. :-) -KK

Anonymous said...

As long as you include Black Olive bread and Apricot Almond --! I'm with you, I LOVE those carbs! Good to see a journal again; I have missed these pages. CWL