Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, April 16 For Miro

I made this page last night for my friend Miro.  I know it's awfully pink and girly for a guy, but it was just what I needed to do.  Miro is dying.  I expect that he will leave us today.  The butterflies for me symbolize that transition, of moving from this realm to another, of transformation, of hope and peace and love.  All that pink is love.  Waterlilies hold some kind of magic and incredible strength and beauty.  Miro has been that magical, strong, and beautiful person, witty and joyful, artistic and creative.  I will miss him.  I don't know how to say all of what I'm feeling today.  I am grateful to have known and loved this incredible young man and I will always treasure his friendship.  


Anonymous said...

Anne, I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute and "celebration" you have created with your page.

Anonymous said...

Anne, this is beautiful. I think working on this page had a very spiritual feeling for you and for those of us who read it. A special page for you and your special young friend. Connie

Anonymous said...

You've never talked about Miro with me, Anne, but I wish both him and you peace and safe passage through this transition. Maybe it's time for a reading? Would there be time to share it with him?