Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Busy Day

Staples removed, 8:15 AM
Cathy, RN, did not really use a tool that looks like this one, thank goodness.
She was very gentle and out they came.

More fluid drained,
More collecting and forming a quite unattractive "muffin top" above my waist--will need the folks at the Lymphedema Clinic to help me get rid of that.

Spent several hours today trying on compression garments for my midsection--under armour, Spanx, and half a dozen other brands.  Ended up with two Nike fitted tank tops.  Close fitting garments really do make me feel better.  Will see what else I can find in the next few days that will also help me to look better.  Still getting used to this new pear-shaped me.

MRI tomorrow and then we (my oncologist and I) can begin to formulate a treatment plan.
Donna is driving me to Portland and back, so we'll go out to lunch before coming home.  I should be pretty hungry by then as I can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight tonight unless I want to eat something at 3 AM.  Think I'd rather sleep through the night.

I promise to post again on Thursday evening for those of you asking for info, not that I'll have test results tomorrow.  But I will let you know how my day goes.

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