Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spa Day #1 scheduled for Friday, August 3rd

Lots of decisions were made today.
I decided to go with the series of 6 chemotherapy treatments on every third Friday, starting next Friday August 3rd.  That means that those treatments will end before Thanksgiving.  Then I have doses of Herceptin every third Friday for a year.  Between now and then I have to have a medi-port inserted (requires anethesia and a designated driver afterwards) and I also need an echo-cardiogram so we have base-line heart data to begin with.  I will also start treatments at the Lymphedema Center in Portland and will schedule a visit to see my surgeon sometime next week for more drainage.  At this point I'm waiting for everything to be coordinated and finalized so maybe I won't need to drive to Portland every day.  Friday and most of next week are going to be busy busy busy so I think my summer is tomorrow and the weekend.  Have a lot to cram into those three days!

Remember these gals?
They'll be showing up on the blog on treatment days (Spa Days).  One benefit this time around is that massage therapy is available during my treatment time on Fridays.  That's really a treat and by going on Fridays I'll also have my same nurse again, Cathy.  I should be able to start early enough in the morning that I can be on my way home before the afternoon traffic starts to get heavy in the Portland area. And I'll get lunch provided as well.  Trying to find the bright side in all of this!

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Andrew said...

6 is better than 18 or whatever, but I was still hoping they'd come up with some magic one-shot deal. Wish I was around to be your DD. Maybe I can swing a Thanksgiving trip and we can be thankful that part's over together!
Love you!