Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Update: Thank Goodness for Home Health Care

I have two great nurses from Androscoggin Home Health Care.  Trisha has been here twice to re-do the bandages, once on Thursday and again yesterday.  Irene came yesterday noon and supervised my first shower.  Hot water felt fantastic!  I washed my hair and scrubbed off the rest of the betadine.  I'm doing my stretching and other exercises every day.  Sleeping well at night in spite of the fact that I have to sleep on my back almost sitting up though I'd rather be curled up on my side.  Olive

 my cat is being very attentive and careful; she somehow knows she can't climb up the front of me to snuggle this week.   Irene will be back on Monday so I can shower once more with supervision and then I'll be on my own. Trisha will check my "wounds" and I'm hoping the bandages can stay off at that point.  I've already picked out clothes to wear to dinner and the Schooner Fare concert on Monday that will disguise the drains so it shouldn't be obvious to anyone but me.

My sister Barb is here this morning.  She brought the groceries on our list and washed Mom's hair.  She brought me a colander full of fresh fruit.  And there's another gift I can't wait to show my stamping group!

Having a fairly quiet day today--it's kind of hot and muggy so I'm doing things slowly.  Think I might sew quilt squares this afternoon by the open window to catch some of the breeze off the pond.

Guess that's it for now!

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